Houston 360 Booth Rental

Ready to take a 360 for a spin? Our showstopper Lucky 360 is the perfect addition for your next wedding or corporate event. Our Houston 360 booth rental records an amazing high quality video as the camera spins around your guests capturing all the fun of your special event.

Our Houston 360 Booth Rental service includes:

  • 3 Hours of Booth Time
  • Custom branded videos with your event logo
  • Friendly video attendant
  • Free Setup / Breakdown
  • Online Video Gallery after the event
  • Royalty free music- for the video

Starting at $2995

Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take for setup of the 360 booth?

It takes our team about an hour to fully setup our 360 booth activation for your event.

Does our venue need to have wifi for this activation to work?

Ideally we will want to use your venue’s wifi for our instant delivery of your 360 videos to your guests devices. In the event wifi doesn’t work, our videos will automatically be saved and will be distributed that evening once we are connected to a faster wifi connection.

What are the space requirements for the 360 booth rental?

We recommend a 12 by 12-foot area and close to a dedicated power outlet. A bigger space is always better for this type of activation.

How long are the videos?

Our videos are a maximum of 30 seconds long.

Can I use my own music for the videos?

Unfortunately we can only use royalty-free music for the videos. We have a collection of great music options that will definitely match the theme of your event.

Can the 360 booth be setup outdoors?

For outdoor events, we require the booth to be placed on a flat, stable surface and within 10 feet of a power outlet.

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Can we add a photo booth rental as well to our package?

Yes, we can provide multiple photo booth activations along with the 360 booth for your upcoming events.