TFTI Houston’s Upside Down Christmas Room

TFTI is a Houston selfie museum experience that recently opened in The Galleria!

Explore over 15+ insta-worthy including an Upside Down X-mas Room, Pillow Fight Room, LOVE room, Peaches room and more!

Explore over 15+ insta-worthy rooms — including our famous Upside Down Christmas Room, Infinity Mirror Room, LOVE room, Peach Room — and more that are perfect for incredible photos. Whether looking for a new jaw-dropping selfie or a fun family holiday photo, TFTI has something for everyone!

TFTI’s Mushroom Land Room

Tickets for adults are $28 and kids ages 4-12 are $20

Purchase tickets online here or at

Houston Selfie Museum - TFTI
TFTI’s Particle Room powered by 1nput0utput

Meet TFTI, a Houston Selfie Museum

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